What are you Thankful for?

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What are you Thankful for?

Happy Friday, Friends!

We here at the Best Pony Tales warehouse had a lovely Thanksgiving, and now we're starting to spread the cheer for the holidays. Did all of you get to spend time with your loved ones? Both fuzzy and human?

The holidays are great. It brings out the happiness in people, and it really encourages us to take a step back to be grateful for our lives. For me personally, I have a lot to be thankful for. Like my horse for putting up with me, while I flop around trying to sit his trot. My Mom for being the best Show Mom out there, even though her video skills aren't the greatest. Our barn friends who have become family, who are always there for you.. Even at 3am. My Coach who pushes me, and guides me into my goals and dreams, all while encouraging me even when I'm having a rough day. Our Farrier who always answers his phone, and will be at your barn within the hour to fix that shoe your silly horse decided he didn't need anymore, same goes for our Vets. Those show office ladies who always accept your scratches or late entries, no matter how much of a headache you're being. The gate people who are better at watching your warm up time than you ever will be. Then shout out to our loved ones, who put up with our smelly, temper-mental, sweaty, hot mess selves.

Share with us what you're thankful for! 

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