The CEECOACH is a wireless communications system developed for trainers and students, but also perfect for a wide range of other applications.

The CEECOACH has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible even though it is a complicated device in terms of what it is able to do.  

The CEECOACH has three buttons (Plus, Middle, Minus) along with a USB charging port and 3.5mm headset port.  With these three buttons, you can perform all of the functions required to set up and use the device while watching the multi-color LED ring or listening to voice prompts on your headset.  For a detailed guide on using your CEECOACH, please view the manual.  

A CEECOACH communication group is comprised of at least 2 CEECOACH units and up to 6 total units in a single group.  Once units are paired, the CEECOACH system can be put into 1 of 3 available modes: Moderator Mode, Participant Mode or Private Mode