Kep Italia - Superior Helmets

Every model of helmet made by KEP Italia is developed based on the capacity to offer maximum safety, optimize rider performance and on the selection of materials that guarantee perfect hold and maximum comfort.
Moreover, every single KEP Italia product is also designed to be the perfect ambassador for the excellence that distinguishes the ‘Made in Italy’ label, in which the company is a firm believer. KEP Italia designs and manufactures its products in Italy, combining all the Italian experience in terms of design, elegance and style. Often, it is style that first strikes and wins over a customer: falling in love with a KEP Italia helmet is easy; the inevitable consequence is finding it irreplaceable. But to win over an increasing number of admirers, the best in traditional Italian craftsmanship isn’t enough: you also need the support of great creativity and understanding of the ever-evolving market demands.
And from this awareness arises the need to offer innovative product finishes, to continue to research in the latest generation of technical materials, such as stainless steel (DDQ), aluminium, carbon fibre, Kevlar, polycarbonate and hypoallergenic and antistatic Dupon technological fabrics, and to use increasingly innovative production processes capable of creating both laser-perforated steel and super-lightweight honeycomb and aluminium structures.