Solo Splendor - Snaffle Bridle

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Guess who's back, back again!?! The original Solo Splendor! This beauty boasts the widest noseband in our collection, a stunning 6 cm of pure patent bliss! 

The anatomical crownpiece is cut away around the ears and is guaranteed comfy with the addition of plush, soft padding. 

Our classic wave shaped browband, at a generous 17 inches long for the full size, ensures the crownpiece will never be pulled forward against the ears by a browband that's too short. 

360 Degree Video can also be seen here:


  • Our widest noseband which is 6 cm in width
  • Noseband cuts away at the sides ensuring no bit interference or pinching
  • Beautiful wave shaped browband at 17 inches for the full size and 18 inches for the oversized
  • Anatomical crownpiece built for comfort
  • Comes with a set of black leather reins