#basicequestrian Ambassador Search

Are you a #basicequestrian?

Do you love horses, caffeine, taking fetch photos, and wearing the cutest clothes of them all?

We're looking for a fun, energetic, competitive Equestrian to join our team as a Brand Ambassador. Send us your resume' with the answers to our questions below, and feel free to add any additional information that will show us that you stand out from the crowd. Best of luck, friends!

  • Tell us about yourself. Your name, age, height, location, riding experience, favorite Starbucks drink, etc.
  • Tell us about your four-legged friend(s), and whether you own or lease your equine partner(s).
  • Are you an active competitor? What discipline(s) do you ride? Which circuits are you actively competing in, and which zones? How often, and what divisions or levels, are you showing in?
  • Which organizations and clubs do you have current memberships in? (ex. USEF, USDF, USHJA, etc.)
  • Tell us about your riding goals and accomplishments.
  • How active are you in social media? List your screen names for each site so we can get to know you better!
  • Are you currently an Ambassador or Employee for any other Equestrian companies? If so, please list the companies and your responsibilities.
  • Please attach photos of yourself (both head shot and full body), your horse, and of you riding (both casually and in competition). Videos are a plus!
  • Let us know how you first heard of #basicequestrian and why you feel you are the best rider out there to represent our brand.

Please email your #application to basicequestrianlv@gmail.com and share with your friends and family that you would like to become a #basicequestrian ambassador!