Solo Senterline - Double Bridle

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The Solo Senterline is our premier anatomical double bridle. This bridle features incredibly soft rolled leather accentuated by our unique anatomical mono crownpiece that is sure to inspire. Not only is our crownpiece shaped to provide a cozy fit, it's super soft padding adds to the feeling of total comfort. The Senterline's unique crownpiece functions to greatly reduce poll pressure. The modern noseband is designed to ensure there is zero interference with the bits. The cavesson is available in black patent.

The European single row browband completes the dazzling look of this double bridle.


  • Anatomical mono crownpiece ensures a super comfy fit
  • Luxurious, soft rolled leather attachments
  • Lustrous patent noseband with soft padding
  • Soft padding under crownpiece and nosebands
  • Modern shaped single row browband adorned in brilliant stones
  • Gentle crank with beautiful soft padding

 *All our dressage bridles come with a set of reins.