Solo Simplicity - Snaffle Flashless Bridle

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Introducing the Solo Simplicity, our stunning flashless model. Coming standard with a softly padded anatomical crownpiece which cuts away by the ear, giving total freedom. The tapered noseband is perfect for an elegant head, giving a refined, simplistic look. The noseband is a non-crank, and attaches by a simple buckle. The stunning wave shaped browband has the crystals embedded making it extra sturdy. Our browbands are 17 inches giving plenty of room for the crownpiece to sit where it should.

Noseband comes in either plain or patent leather.

360 Degree Video can also be seen here:


  • Flashless model with a non-crank noseband
  • Anatomical crownpiece with cut away for the ears giving total freedom
  • Softly padded noseband that tapered towards the sides
  • Embedded crystals on the browband making it extra sturdy

*All our dressage bridles come with a set of reins.